Located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. We aim for advancing the aviation industry by creating the next gen pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians (AMT).

We designed programs with various routes for each individual student who requires a personalized approach.


The company has been founded back in 2011, under International Water Solution Co., Ltd. where it starts with engineering works which provided services in water resource management area in terms of BOO (Build-Own-Operate) model by focusing on recycling water facility investment and equipment installation for industrial estates, together with Environmental Care Management Co., Ltd. (ECM) and International Water Management Co., Ltd. (IWM), which are an expert and experienced company in water management for over a decade.


When business began to expand the service from within Thailand to Overseas,

Mr. Pinai Puangmanee, founder and CEO, noticed that the aviation industry is significantly growing. The construction of Airports and the MRO projects both inside and outside of Thailand are in noticeable progress. According to the Long term marketing forecast from 2016 to 2035, aviation industry will need to recruit more than 2 millions aviation personnel. Global’s demand has reached its new heights in every way, regardless, the provision of supplies and aviation personnel are obviously deficient. This business opportunity leads to a change in the company’s objectives, returned all the water businesses back to ECM company and simultaneously changed the company’s name to International Wing Solutions Company Limited in 2018.


Integrity of aviation business and Its aim to provide the needs from the industry under the scope of being an investment consultant in terms of BOT/BOOM/EPC, procurement of aviation supplies and also partners with industry leading pilot school and university to prepare the next generation of aviation personnel such as aircraft maintenance technician and pilots.

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