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PILOT TRAINING - FI & MER (500 Hours flight time)

(500 Hours flight time)



To become a professional pilot, it could be a challenging process since the employers are highly selective, especially when the airlines are searching for professionals who have been trained to the exact standards. Student pilots or Cadet pilots are required to be trained in an English speaking environment, seeing that a clear understanding of language is an asset to the safety of the passenger.


Furthermore, it’s common for the international airlines will only acknowledge skilled and experienced application pilots with high flying hours, which could be said above 500 at least but will be an asset if 1,000-1,500 flying hours, and there is no stimulation machine that can replace an actual flying experience. Enhance your skills by training and practicing is the main key to get into Airlines.

Together with AERONAV Academy, Philippines,

We designed and customized FI & MER (500 Hrs flying time) Program to assist the student pilots by gaining flying hours and increasing the opportunities to get recruited.


- License Conversion
- 40 hrs FI Rating
- 460 hrs Time Building

- 50 hrs Ground Training
- 13 hrs Multi-Engine Rating

Total : 513 hrs
Duration : 14 months 


For Students with Flying Hours, please send us a copy of the following:
1. Current Pilot License
2. Current Medical License
3. Ground School Certificates
4. NTC Certificate
5. ELP Certificate
6. Picture of Last logged flight (Logbook)

*there should be flight within 90 days prior to application. 
7. Scanned copy of the Passport




provides full board accommodation (and upon request can assist students who are interested in finding their own accommodations).

  • Fully Air-conditioned (Single Room or Two Persons Per Room Sharing)

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

  • Flat Screen Television in Living Room, Fridge and Kitchen Area

  • Attached B&T (Hot and Cold Water)

  • Daily Housekeeping and Laundry Service

  • Transport to and from the Academy

  • Internet

Located 10 minutes from the academy


is conveniently located on airport property

at the New Bacolod-Silay Airport

in the island of Negros Occidental, Phillipines.
The airport was opened in 2007 and AERONAV has full access to the ATC, facilities, airport navigation aids, runway and other airport equipment. 


  • Runway: The airfield has a 2 km long runway and is equipped with all required facilities and aids.

  • Air Space: The airfield zone and area do not have any major obstructions with significant area designated for training use by academy aircraft.

  • Night Flying: The airfield is fully equipped for night flying.

  • Navigation Facilities: The airfield is equipped with the following navigation aids that permit IFR and night flying:

    • ILS

    • VOR

    • DME

  • Air Traffic Control (ATC): Bacolod airfield is open 24 hours. Students are mandated and scheduled to spend time and work in the ATC to gain knowledge on ATC functioning.

  • Weather: Weather briefing is provided by local ATC.  The students are also encouraged to use the internet to access satellite pictures and weather updates.

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